My New Book: Staying In His Presence

Staying in his presence was wrote to inspire you to seek to know the very presence of God, as you mature, in your relationship with Jesus Christ knowing and understanding him is so very important, according to the word of God in the bible in the book of Romans the 8th chapter God has destine your life for his purpose and his will, Jesus made it clear many times in the bible he was doing his Father will and not his own will.

Staying in his presence will help you understand why you are doing the work of the father and not your own work, so many time in life we make the mistake after getting ordain, that we are going into our ministry, then we decide what we are going to do and how we are going to do it, one thing I’ve learned over the years after making the same mistake over and over again, is the ministry belongs to God I’m just a chosen vessel he chose to work in his ministry, until you get and fully accept this understanding you will just be out there going around in circles.

It’s sad but i meet and talk to people all the time who don’t understand that the work of the kingdom was started by Jesus and we were chosen to work with him, many are called but few are chosen, (Matthew 22:14) you must remember this you are a chosen vessel a royal priesthood, according to the book of 1 Peter 2: 9-10,

Staying in his presence will help you to understand that you are included in the work of the kingdom of God, it will teach you your roll in the ministry or ministries, because some of you are called to more than one ministry, you flow in many gifts of the Holy Spirit, it’s my prayer that as you read this book it shifts your focus, and give you a clear understanding of your purpose and destine.

Staying in his presence will teach you and show you how to build a lasting relationship with God, it will show you why you should have the presence of the Holy Spirit in your life, and the effect the Holy Spirit has on others around you, it will teach you why it’s so important to be anointed and why the anointing breaks every yoke and demonic force of the enemy, it’s the anointing that destroys the yokes of bondage. (ISAIAH 10:27)

Staying in his presence will give you God’s plan of salvation for your love if you are a sinner and truly want to be born again, (Romans 10:9)

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Barry Spates Author:

Staying In His Presence 2

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